Stuttgart, 2018-03-22

The green industry in times of digitalization

A brief view into the german garden market

In contrary to many other industries the garden market transforms rather slow into the era of digitalization, although total turnover in e-commerce grows continously also there. With a share of only 5,2 percent in Germany, this distribution channel is still overtaken from the traditional market players - the stationary trade. In online oriented sectors like the travel or the music industry their e-commerce share in relation to total turnover is much higher, 42 respectively 39 percent. Surely, this is also a result of the challenge you face when dealing with perishable plants though, talking of stocking, packing, shipping etc.  Still, experts predict that the online trade will have significant impact also on the garden industry. Since 2005 the e-commerce share on total turnover grows with double digit numbers. In 2017 the e-commerce volume in the garden market has reached 880 million Euros.

Our minicarnation Pink Kisses® is an ideal product to be communicated online but also physically shipped directly to the consumer. The positioning of the product fits ideally to the young target group, which communicates a lot online – mainly through social medias – and their shopping behavoirs. In 2017 already Pink Kisses® was ordered online and shipped in five digit quantities directly to individual consumers. In 2018 we will strengthen our activities online in cooperation with a specialized mail-order company. Means: We will keep the ball rolling…