Stuttgart, 2017-07-25

Top varieties in our show garden

Again this year Thorsten Köhn, Head of Sales, is presenting his favourite varieties in our show garden in Stuttgart. Even after changing weather conditions with phases of cold, hot and rainy weather the plants show themselves from their best. You can find more impressions from our show garden in our picture gallery.


Osteospermum  3D
The Osteospermum bed in our show garden with single and double flowering varieties is hard to beat regarding flower and colour impact. Particularly impressive is the new yellow double flowering variety 3D Yellow ´18. The 3D line consists of six varieties in great colour combinations, all of them rich flowering.


Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double
The MiniFamous® Double line stands for double flowering Calibrachoa varieties convincing with a very good root system, stable flowering and a homogenous, round-shaped plant structure. All varieties are in full bloom. Even the varieties hanging in the show garden without shelter proof their great plant structure and colour stability. A real eye catcher is the FleuroStar winner PinkTastic with bi-coloured flowers in white and pink showing a great in-depth colour perception.


Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno
The strength of the new line MiniFamous® Uno is shown in the show garden. The eight varieties present a harmonic picture. Particularly beautiful are the bi-colour varieties with eye Pink Purple Splash and White + Yellow Eye as well as the uni-coloured varieties Yellow and Blue, proving their weather resistance.


Calibrachoa  Rave®
The Rave® varieties show a great star pattern stability, especially Rave® Violet and Rave® Pink score with a great contrast. All varieties are like MiniFamous® Uno varieties compact growing and early flowering in production as well as vigorous at the consumer’s.


Trixi® Calibrachoa 
Trixi® Early is a line of Calibrachoa mixes in proven colours. The varieties are easy to produce due to their compact growth habit and early flowering. Finished products show the same growth characteristics as other Trixi® Calibrachoa mixes. Trixi® Early Lollipop and Trixi® Early Spirit are an outstanding example for a perfect distribution of all three colours.


Petunia AlpeTunia
AlpeTunia® stands for weather resistant and long-trailing Petunias. All nine AlpeTunia® varieties in the show garden display the advantages of the line and show a great long-trailing growth habit. Our customers especially like the variety AlpeTunia® Blueberry.


Petunia BabyDoll® und NightSky®
Our two Petunia highlights NightSky® and BabyDoll® meet all expectations. The two varieties with flowers with white spots show a stable colour pattern. The plants are weather resistant, vigorously growing and convince with a great near and long distance effect.


Bracteantha  Mohave®
Our Bracteantha line Mohave® offers a great colour range. All varieties of the line are harmonically flowering and showing a great flower quality. Mohave® are easy to care, continuously flowering and well suited for beds as they attract bees.


Lantana  SunFun®
The Lantana line SunFun® consists of seven varieties, all rich flowering, weather resistant and continuously flowering. The bees in our show garden love these Lantana varieties.