We take our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously. We have long since been the opinion that the humans are our most important resource, no matter where in the world our company is active.

Selecta can only work as "one".

This also means that we have our input under control at any time. The use of fertilizers and water is strictly controlled and recycling processes are everywhere, where it is possible to set up. Handling pesticides has been severely restricted in the recent years and largely replaced by biological methods. Our products are healthy and fall far below authorized limits. Our herb production in Kenya meets the "Fresh herbs" guidelines for the production of edible herbs. Lots of our customers now cultivate biologically. We already take this into account in the cuttings production on the mother plant and our rooting stations.

The employees of Selecta one take responsibility in various professional association, research institutes and interest groups to work together with our partners and customers on new standards for a better future, which we want to commit ourselves in the long term.

Responsibility is part of our corporate culture - we are one.