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MPS stands for the environmental project ornamental plant (Milieu Project Sier­teelt). Horticultural companies can achie­ve certifications according to internatio­nal standards in the areas environment, quality management and social qualities.

Our mother plant farms Selecta Kenya and Wagagai in Uganda fulfil all requirements of the MPS standards certification.


The Selecta production site Wagagai in Uganda has been MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certified for many years, being one of the first to receive these high standards in Africa. In 2013 a re-certification was successfully achieved.

​Selecta Kenya

Early in 2014 our mother plant farm Selecta Kenya in Nairobi has been awarded with MPS-A, the highest environment certificate. Followed by the successful certification with MPS GAP and MPS Socially Qualified for a sustainable and socially responsible production of horticulture products.

Meeting the highest requirements of the industry

The standards MPS-GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and MPS- SQ (Social Qualified) guarantee, that all cuttings and young plants are meeting the highest requirements of the industry. In the section “bedding plants parental material” the two Selecta farms are the only production sites in their countries to achieve all three MPS certifications. Hence, Selecta young plants are an excellent starting point for every producer.

Selecta Canarias

And also Selecta Canarias, our mother plant and elite production site on Tenerife, achieved a successful MPS-GAP certification. Selecta Canarias is especially well-suited for critical crops like Solanaceae and for keeping our elite clean. From all southern sites Selecta Canarias holds the highest hygiene standards and is NAKT Elite certified since 2011. Propagating material sold under the Naktuinbouw Elite´s certificate meets the highest requirements on propagating material regarding identity, health and quality.