NAKT Elite & Clean Plant Guarantee

Our elitematerial is certified by the strict standards of Naktuinbouw, Nederland. Thus we fullfill the highest hygiene safety standards for plants in our industry. It guarantees a healthy start of our motherplant stock in our southern production facilities.    

Over the past years the producers of ornamentals again and again have had to cope with diseases like the bacteriosis Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Poinsettiicola and pathogens like the whitefly Trialeurodes and Bemisi. As a supplier of poinsettia cuttings from East Africa we have taken intensive preventive and effective measures in the area of pest control. These include  extensive random testing and an intensive monitoring of unwanted organisms. With the introduction of the own label "Clean Plant Guarantee" we testify to our customers worldwide that our material is 100 % healthy and free of any unwanted organisms.