NightSky® - A star it born!

NightSky® - the unique and extraordinary petunia cultivar offers a galaxy of possibilities for compelling storytelling in the retail outlet.

BabyDoll® - Get dressed!

The new lightness of summer!

Colour your life - the easy way!

Never before has choosing harmonious plant combinations been easier than with these trendy triplets. Trixi® simply promises an all-round perfect balcony experience.

Pink Kisses® - Just for You!

Pink Kisses® – de perfect manier om te zeggen, “ik ben blij jou te kennen”. Een kleine attentie zonder te veel moeite.

RECARNATION - Revival of the carnation

A dear old friend enjoys resurgent popularity. When looking back on past decades – and also into the present – the growing desire for neo-retro styles is obvious. And also from the pool of childhood memories, the carnation is also experiencing a grand revival.

HOMELAND - Alpine Feelings

Homeland is more than just house and home. It is a life feeling that is somewhere between the beloved scents of childhood and a kind of warmth and security that can only come from the existence of familiar values.

Serengeti® Grasses - Wild and noble!

The wild and graceful beauty of the Serengeti touches people’s hearts. A storytelling of nature, freedom and awareness.

Social Garden - Friends & Family

The garden has established itself as the favourite place for spending summer days. It is the preferred meeting point for family and friends and is gradually becoming a green living room in need of decoration.

CHRISTMAS - Colours of Christmas

As the harbinger of the Christmas festivities, the red poinsettia is a traditional, decorative highlight. Available now in more colours than ever before, this bestselling plant has growing potential.