Stuttgart, 2019-05-21

ROCS – cooperation with Visser

Having introduced a pioneering development with the introduction of the innovative young plant technology ROCS® in cooperation with Visser Horti Systems during the IPM this January, now we continue our common path with Visser.

ROCS consists of 34 in substrate rooted cuttings in a Autostix Media Strip (AMS) by Visser for fully automatic processing in a Visser AutoStix® machine. If this machine is connected with a potting machine, a very efficient processing chain with many advantages results. Many discussions which were held meanwhile, showed a strong customer interest. There will also be presented a new developed rooting and shipping tray, which holds 15 AMS.

The whole concept of this ground-breaking technological development is now ready to be introduced into the European market. At our both FlowerTrials locations, we will inform customers and interested people about this innovation.

At the FlowerTrials location in Holland, there will be a large live demonstration of the processing of Selecta young plants in a Visser machine. For questions about the technology and for additional advice, contact persons from Visser will be on site.

From 11th to 14th June 2019, visitors can convince themselves and be inspired by the current Selecta assortment and by the new varieties and marketing concepts at our FlowerTrials locations.

Selecta one FlowerTrials® locations 2019:
Selecta Klemm in the region Rheinland-Westfalen (Germany):
Nursery Christian Filla, Kortweg 9, 47638 Straelen
Selecta Holland in the Westland region (Holland):
Nursery P. van Geest Maasland, Herenlaan 21, 3155 DC Maasland
Registration at:
Also beyond the FlowerTrials®, visitors can visit our show gardens at nursery Filla on the Lower Rhine and at Selecta headquarters in Stuttgart from June to September 2019. Interested people are kindly asked to register for an appointment at Selecta one.